Júlio César

Júlio César

Júlio César

Designer and Professor

Since 1999, building relationships between people and interfaces.

Hey you!

I’am Júlio César. I work as a designer, developing digital products focused on people, experience, strategy, technology and marketing.

I’m Founder of Flip Lab, Senior Product Designer in Tempario,  Senior Product Designer in Octadesk and UX Ambassador in Impact HUB Belo Horizonte.

I teach Lean UX and Consumer Behavior and Interaction Design in IGTI and Monitoring and Analysis Systems in Unisa. I was also an associate professor in Growth Hacking and Consumer Behavior in Unipac. I also volunteer at Babuca.

So, I am a designer and I work creating products and services for everyone.

Among other tools, I work with strategic plans and interface productions for various purposes.

My main goal is to create the best interaction between people and interfaces in any situation: using a smartphone, a chatbot, an ATM, some software and even this present interface where you can see my profile. 😉

We are surrounded by interactions everywhere. Everything is about interfaces.

So there I am, observing and proposing continuous improvements so that people can have a more practical lighter life.



Marketing management
Master of Business Administration – MBA

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de
Minas Gerais

Strategic management of communication
Postgraduate education

Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte

Communication, publicity and marketing
Graduate – Bachelor

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